Saturday, June 24, 2017

My MOOC course on FRP

Hey Guys,

Recently the  Functional Reactive Programming(FRP) is getting a lot of traction, hence i started doing it and ended up getting addicted to it so much that Now i’m unable to go back and do the imperative programming at all.

So i ended up creating a MOOC course on it, because i saw none of the course on this topic at all.
Also, i’ve made sure to cover the best practices (Like VIPER, TDD, POP) followed in the industry to have an added bonus for those who enrol into this course.
I’m pretty sure that it will help many people to adopt this awe-somatic way of writing the code.

Here’s the link to my course. 
For those who prefer to enrol, i can provide offer codes to take it up for a better/lesser price.
I would basically like to trade it off for a rating/review on Udemy’s course page.

I hope that you’d also share it with your friends and everyone around. Please get the word out. Even if they’re new to iOS programming, i’m pretty sure that it will help them grasp the knowledge on FRP, which i think is the future of programming.

Critics are very welcome!

Thank you for your valuable time!

See you! Bye, until next time! Have Fun!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

WWDC 2017 Updates

Todays WWDC 2017 has started with the message for developers “Keep making apps, the world is depending on you”.

Some of keynotes:

1. High Sierra macOS releases.
2. Safari improvement - 80% faster than chrome now.
3. Split screen support.
4. Machine Learning in Chrome
5. Apple File System for Mac
6. Metal2 improves graphics potential more. 80% graphics speed improved.
7. Metal support VR

1. watch OS4 releases.
2. Play music while workout.
3. Siri based new watch faces.

1. iOS 11 releases.
2. Message app - end to end encryption. iCloud Sync (Synced across all iOS devices)
3. Apple pay - Person to person easy transaction. (Free with Debit card ; 3% charge on Credit Card transactions)
4. Machine Learning in Siri, it understands the context and your interests too.
5. Multi Language Translation support.
6. Loop/Bounce effects on Photos. 
7. Spot light search on handwritten text - Notes app.
8. Virtual object placements on Live photo.
9. Core ML - Machine Learning Kit.
10. Image recognition improves 6x faster than Google pixel.
11. Maps inside Malls.
12. Do not disturb while driving.
13. Provided AR Kit for development.  Becomes world largest AR platform.

iPad pro:
1. sizes 10.5” and 12.9”.
2. Camera 12Mp rear and 7Mp front.
3. 40% graphics performance improved. A10x fusion 6 core processor.
4. Drag drop files/datas among multiple apps.
5. Apple pencil is hugely promoted.
6. File management application, integrates other 3rd party FS services too.

1. Amazon prime is joining Apple.

1. Home kit enabled siri support.
2. Inbuild speakers/woofers/A8 processor chip.

# Xcode 9 with Swift 4 released. 

Other Features: 
Photos App support GIF
Automatically send WIFI passwords to nearby devices. 
One Hand keyboard support, which will move the keyboard keys to the left/right with less spacing b/w keys)
Airplay 2 - Multi room audio & shared playlists. 
Music App: Its a social network now. Find people & playlists. 
Leaves behind iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, 4th gen iPad by dropping support for 32-bit apps. 
iOS removed native Social networks(fb, twitter, Vimeo, Flickr) integrations. 
Auto fill passwords for Apps, just like it is in Safari.