Thursday, March 3, 2016

iOS9 Features

Adding it lately, but still feel like doing it.

Here's the rough overview/summary of what has been added into iOS9:
  • An All New App Switcher (From left to right. Placed like a deck of cards).
  • Contact guesses from Mail in Call Screen.
  • Bottom scroll to navigate quickly through Photos.
  • Contact thumbnails in Messages.
  • Notifications view by Recent.
  • New screen for Spotlight with Siri Suggestions and Contacts search.
  • Plugging in the earbuds would bring up the Music controls on the Lock screen.
  • Accessing the iCloud Drive app.
  • Low Power Mode.
  • Automatically organise Selfies, Screenshots in Photos app.
  • New San Francisco Font.
  • Shift Key (To differentiate b/w Caps/Lower cases).
  • Back button on status bar to go back to the previous app.
  • Notes (Sheet/popup) option from Share sheet.
  • Search in Settings.
  • Public transit in maps.
  • Hands off.
  • 6-Digits Passcode.
  • 1.3GB OS (As oppose to 4.58GB iOS8.0)
  • Xcode7 allows to install app on device w/o paying/subscribing for Apple’s Developer Program.
  • iPad Features:
  • Multitasking (Supports Slide Over, Split View, Picture in Picture).
  • Hold 2 fingers on keyboard to make it a trackpad to select the sentences.

Developer’s Perspective:
  • App Thinning (App Slicing, On Demand Resources, Bitcode).
  • Search Extensibility (Search content within apps).
  • SFSafariViewController.
  • UIStackView.
  • 3D Touch (Pop & Peek).
  • Gameplay Kit
  • Replay Kit

Watch OS2.0:
  • Native apps.