Monday, June 13, 2016

Apple’s WWDC 2016 Summary

Apple’s WWDC 2016 Summary:

iOS 10 - 
* New Home app with HomeKit support to control all the smart home devices.
* Game Centre being ditched away. GameKit to be introduced to replace it.
* Stocks, Compass and other unused pre-installed apps can be deleted now.
* Interactive Lock Screen.
* 3D to interact with apps w/o unlocking phone.
* App widgets with 3D touch.
* Raise to wake feature w/o having to unlock the screen.
* VoIP apps can create extensions and integrate into Phone App.

* OS X renamed to macOS and the new next OS named “macOS Seirra”.
* Auto-Unlock when you are near the mac with phone/watch.
* Siri Integration(Search files, play music, send messages, search the web)
* Apple Pay Integration
* Universal Clipboard (That could be used to copy/paste across Apple devices)
* Picture In Picture (PIP) view(You can watch video in a separate box while you browse)

Apple tvOS:
* DarkMode
* Single SignOn
* Auto-syncing of apps b/w iPhone & TV
* iPhone can be used as a Remote now.

* Instant Apps Launch 
* Scribble (Send messages by hand written letter-by-letter on the watch screen)

Siri Upgrades:
* Voice mail transcription
* Image search
* Opened up to 3rd party developers

* Invisible ink(Message is visible only when the screen is swiped)
* Replace words with Emoji in a Single Tap
* Access given to 3rd party developers (For Transactions, Services, bots)

Photos App:
* Gets/Copies more updates from Google Photos.
* Creates Movies/Moments from the library.

Apple Maps App:
* Checks for locations from Calendar app.
* Checks for places close to you.

Compatible Devices:
* From iPhone5.
* From iPad Air & iPad mini 2.
* From iPod Touch 6th gen onwards.
Devices being removed from last update are:
iPhone4s, iPad 2/3, iPad mini

QuickType Updates:
Offers relevant contact info, location details, and other intelligent suggestions.

Other Updates:
* There 2million apps in Apple’s app store and downloaded 130billion times.
* Apple Pay comes to web with authentication from iPhone/iWatch
* Swift Playground App (To make everyone learn Swift)
Xcode8 with Swift3

Search Ads:
You can advertise your apps in the App Store apps now.

App Subscriptions:
* Any app can opt for In-App Subscriptions.
* With new policy, any app that has crossed an year will have the benefit of 85/15 share, despite the standard 70/30 revenue share.