Sunday, May 29, 2016

Android from iOS Guy's Perspective

I got a chance to learn Android Development through this course on Udemy, which is very good for freshers or even noobs like me or the one with literally no experience Programming at all.

I have just completed it (Believe me: I have listened and followed all the videos and have experimented all those fundamental/basic codes ;) ) and wanted to share my experience with this MOOC.
I believe that MOOC will vanish the standard academic learning in the coming days.

Since, i have been doing only iOS apps for a very long time, being basically an iOS dev, the perspective of this post comes from that point of view.

So, here goes my thoughts on the Android Eco system at first:
I haven't really been an avid Android user, since i haven't owned a phone yet, but i would have to admit that it really was a wonderful experience throughout the course learning and knowing about the  Eco system itself.

Before going into the course, i would like to thank the Udemy team and the 3 authors of the course who have put up their valuable time in bringing up this course for developers at any level. Else it would have taken still more time for people like me to get to know about Android. ( I know its late even now ;) )

I believe that Android Native Development is handy when someone is comfortable enough with coding in Java. Anyone with experience in working with any Object Oriented programming language would find it easier to adopt as well.
Myself hailing from the Objective-C & Swift background and iOS world, what i actually wanted to know was the differences between iOS & Android SDK's and how the system(API's) interacts with the OS. Knowing that i could easily get comfortable working with the platform.
Although, Android is said to be a copied & evolved version of iOS, i believe that it had a burst in advancement due to its Open Source nature, which is a Good as well as a bad thing. But, lets leave that topic aside, which is not the goal of this post.

For anyone from iOS world, trying to learn Android, i think that they would have to start with using the Android phones first(Which i did for a couple of months, not specifically to just learn it), then follow the Udemy course, which is very good for even very beginners, just like me.

I also believe that getting to know about the difference between both the platforms before hand would help to speed up the learning process.
Hence, i have listed out the Android counterparts of the UI, Classes, API's and others below.
I also believe that the differences listed should also help Android guys who haven't been into iOS yet to figure out what it would take to jump into the platform.

Below are major differences:

OS perspective:

SDK/Tools Differences: